We  here at Phone It In! are dedicated to bringing interesting content to you . The short videos you are about to watch are filmed entirely on our personal mobile devices, in two countries, and edited on simple editing software. The original clips  that have been edited are written, acted and owned by us. It is our goal to present a new fun concept and forum for actors. We take an organic approach to filming and editing all content. By this we mean, we share single videos within this forum, add response videos based on first reaction and edit them together to (hopefully) get a short scene. These can be comedic or dramatic, within any genre . Enjoy responsively!

Future Infomercial....Near Future.

Not everyone is a fan.

Another beautiful Sunday service.

It's my birthday and Dan's sick....here!

A man's trip through his mind.

The Jangles! visit a restaurant...for the children.

There goes the neighborhood.

With every age we deserve a new hero.

We've all been there.

Have to pay those student loans somehow.


A man in the throws of a mental breakdown due to unwanted news tries to speak to a higher power.

An assassin kills for all the wrong reasons

The mission goes foul and the Colonel is not happy

Uncle Marv Exposes Dan Berkey


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